Which courier will deliver my order?

We ship out our orders with GLS.

What are the shipping costs?

Postage and packaging are 3,5€ when you pay upondelivery and 1,9€ if you pay via wire transfer or through PayPal or creditcard.

If I place an order today when can I expect theshipment?

If you place your order before 16.00 it will getshipped out on the same day and delivered via GLS in 3-5 days.

How can I check on my order?

If you listed your phone number among deliveryinformation,our courier will send you an informative text message when thepackage is shipped. If you want detailed information about your order, you canwrite to us at


What happens if I'm not at home for delivery?

If the shipping attempt is unsuccessful, GLS willinform you via email or a text message which contains a link redirecting you tothe FlexDelivery app which offers different shipping options and allows theusers to pick an option which suits them the best.


How does the delivery of my order happen?

1st step: Delivery information  will receive your order, prepare thepackage and forward delivery information to GLS – including your email or phonenumber which enables a flexible package delivery. GLS will later use email ortext messaging to inform the customer about the delivery time frame and theamount they have to pay.


2nd step: Information about estimated delivery time

Once the courier scans the package to be delivered,their system automatically sends out a 2nd notification which involves anestimated delivery time frame. The message includes the courier number and thenumber of customer support department.


3rd step: Delivery options

If the delivery was unsuccessful, GLS will inform youvia email or a text message which includes a link that redirects you toFlexDelivery, which offers different delivery options. The customer can choosethe most suited option:

o    Same address delivery on a differentdate

o    New address delivery

o    Delivery to GLS ParcelShop

o    Pick up at a GLS depo

o    Authorization for package deliverywithout a customer signature

o    Rejection of delivery




Which payment options do you offer? offers the following payment options:

o    payments through Paypal

o    credit card payments

o    payment via cash or card upon deliveryby our courier

Can I get an official invoice issued to my company?

Of course! On the 3rd step of the checkout enter yourcompany details and we will include an original invoice in your package.


I want to pay via wire transfer. How soon will I getmy order?

Once you place a delivery we will send a confirmationemail to the email address you provided. Next, you will receive another emailcontaining all of the information you need to make the payment. To enable fastshipping time you can send us an email to containing a proof ofyour payment.


I have a promotional discount coupon. How can I use itor where can I enter it?

That's really simple! One purchase allows you to useone coupon which you can do by entering the code provided into the 2nd step ofthe checkout process.Some premium items (listed in our Terms of Service) allowa discount of up to 5%.



Do I need to register to place an order?

Registration is not needed as the process only takes afew minutes. Place the chosen items into your shopping cart and continue tocheckout where you can choose the payment method and enter your deliveryinformation. Once the order is finished you will receive a confirmation emailto the address you provided.


Can I edit an order once it's already finalized?

Our goal is to ship as fast as possible but we will doeverything that we cane to successfully edit an order that wasn't shipped yet.


What can I do if I received a wrong item, there areitems missing from my order or an item is defected?

At the customer is always number one, but sometimesan error happens which we're sorry about. Contact our customer support team, which is always happy to help you with any issues with yourorder.


I am not completely satisfied with the item I ordered,how can I make a replacement?

We know that first impressions are created once youhold the item in your hands so we offer a 44-day satisfaction warranty whichallows you to replace products you're not satisfied with. You can ship thoseproducts back to us and include the reason for returning the items as well asthe items you'd like to receive as a replacement. Also, include your orderinvoice. Our address is listed on the said invoice.


Do you offer any loyalty cards for the loyalcustomers?

Sadly we don't offer cards but you can expect aloyalty club in the near future.


I didn't find an answer to my question, what can I do?

If you have any additional questions you can write tous at we will be happy to help you.